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Online Grocery Shopping - increase of 8.5% in February 2022



Online Grocery Shopping - increase of 8.5% in February 2022
Online Grocery Shopping - increase of 8.5% in February 2022

Online Grocery Shopping increase of 8.5% in February 2022, in the past Buy groceries can be a time-consuming and nerve-wracking process, especially if the superstore is busy and the lines are long. 

However, with the introduction of corner store shopping on the internet, buying groceries and household items has never been easier. You can get your grocery shopping done fast and efficiently via the Internet with only a few mouse clicks and a fraction of the time it takes to go to the store. 

Another advantage of ordering groceries online is that they will be delivered straight to your door, saving you the trouble of lugging heavy goods from your car to your home.

Online Grocery Shopping

Many stores and internet corporations, such as Amazon , have recently begun to offer the opportunity for customers to order groceries online. Waldbaum's is one such superstore. You can choose between home or business delivery or in-store pickup at Waldbaum's.

You can shop Waldbaum's online, using all of the same promotions and specials as you would in one of their stores, as long as one is relatively close to your location. You can also utilize your Waldbaum's Price Card, which will allow you to see recent purchases and select them for quick repurchasing.

Shopping for groceries at is as simple as browsing the aisles of your local supermarket, but with the added benefit of not having to leave your home. Simply scroll through the sub-categories to make your purchases after clicking the desired section, such as dairy, produce, meats, health & beauty, and so on.

For all of your choices, you'll find product descriptions and nutritional information, making your shopping decisions even easier.

Depending on when you conduct your online grocery shopping, you may be able to have your groceries delivered the same day.

Shoprite, Safeway, Vons, Ralph's, and many other stores offer online grocery shopping. Make sure to check out your local grocery store's website to see whether they provide convenient online corner store purchasing. For a long time, had a large selection of fine food goods available on its site, which were sold by independent retailers.

However, just announced and launched its online grocery store. You'll discover many of your favorite meals as continues to introduce new goods to its groceries every day. 

If you need to, you can browse's online food store by categories, which are further divided down by hottest items or price. 

Many things on are available at a significant discount, but you'll notice that many of them are available in huge numbers, similar to what you'd find at Costco or Sam's Club. does not sell perishable items, but you can always buy perishables through's independent grocery stores, albeit this will increase your shipping costs.

Online food shopping is a terrific alternative to wasting time in congested stores for convenience and savings. Whether you buy groceries on or in your local online stores, you'll find that you have more free time and relaxation.

According to the current Brick Meets Click/Mercatus Grocery Shopping Survey, the US online grocery sector earned $8.7 billion in sales in February, up 8.5 percent from the same month last year.

In February, online grocery sales increased by 8.5%.

According to the research, pickup, the largest section of grocery, rose 6% year over year, generating $4 billion in sales, and accounted for 47% of overall sales for the month.

Delivery saw a 37 percent year-over-year increase in revenue, amounting to $3.2 billion, accounting for 37 percent of all grocery spending.

Ship-to-Home, which accounted for almost 40% of spending before COVID, is now the smallest category, accounting for only 16% of total spending; it finished with $1.4 billion in sales, down 24% year-over-year.

In February, customer interest in online grocery shopping remained robust, with almost 68 million households purchasing groceries from a range of suppliers and retail channels, up about 11% from last year's monthly active user (MAU) base. Pickup, Delivery, and Ship-to-Home all had double-digit increases in their respective MAU bases, with Delivery having the biggest year-over-year increase of around 28%.